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NAUTILUS – Management and resources with mobility in a secure- communications environment

R&D project – CDTI

The NAUTILUS project aims to develop an ITC platform based on IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) architecture, in order to provide services for the allocation, monitoring and guiding of agents in the rendering of safety and/or emergency services (SAFETY ambit) and assuring the security of communications (SECURITY ambit).


The planned scope of the NAUTILUS project is the development of a tool to be installed at control centres to facilitate interoperability between different actors, coordination their conflict-solving actions by means of the secure deployment of services, such as SIP, VoIP and PTT, on mobile devices compatible with LTE communications networks.

The potential of smartphone- and tablet-type Mobile devices can also be exploited to develop an app that integrates IMS services with functionalities to support the tasks of displaced emergency services, such as compiling and reporting information and images from an incident scene, completing action reports online, or providing units with useful data on nearby hospital, traffic conditions, guiding, etc.


  • Project funded by the CDTI and the EU’s European Regional Development Fund. 
  • Duration: 2012–2014