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LOCRIN – Localisation and recording of individuals in high-complexity scenes

INNPACTO 2012 Sub-programme

LOCRIN aims to develop a system to detect, count and monitor people getting on and off buses, at lower cost and with high real reliability.


The aim of the LOCRIN project is to develop a product oriented towards the detection, counting and monitoring of people using public transport services such as buses, with a view to improving their safety and mobility, by using optimised artificial-vision techniques. The product must be portable and able to be fitted onto any type of bus, be unaffected by changes in weather conditions and work both during the daytime and at night, automatically, in real time, and at low cost. 

Its key differential, innovative value compared with the systems that are currently available hinges not only on the latest technology that is used, such as flight time and structured light, but on combining these with ordinary artificial vision. One of the main setbacks found in developments based on artificial vision are errors resulting from changes in exterior lighting. That is why this project is going to include the electronic development of an adaptive lighting system that keeps conditions at the scene stable so that people can be detected and, monitored.


This project has been co-financed by the Ministry of Finance and Competitiveness (MINECO) through:

  • INNPACTO Sub-programme
  • Duration: 2012–2015


SICE, CIDAUT Foundation.