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LINEO – Personnel-location system based on interactive technologies for application in works environments

INNPACTO 2011 sub-programme

The objective of this project is to reduce accidents on building sites, specifically those resulting from collisions and workers being run over by heavy machinery.


The object of the LINEO project, which is coordinated by Dragados, is to assess and develop a fully functional real-time system to locate personnel in uncontrolled environments such as building sites.

The LINEO location system must work in real time, be very precise (within 1 metre) and be highly robust and reliable in an aggressive, non-structured outdoor environment.

The technological bases will be the development of a set of hybrid-sensor modules that are independent but able to communicate with one another, laid out at specific points on the machine’s periphery to detect and locate any objects near the machine fitted with the sensors.

A processing unit will homogenise and analyse all the information received by the sensor modules and, thanks to a set of smart algorithms, it will be able to make decisions about the potential hazard that each object detected could represent, transmitting the information to a device fitted inside the driver’s cab to alert the driver.

The device will minimise the information presented in situations considered as “normal”, while being far more explicit in any situations considered to pose a “hazard”, thereby avoiding any unnecessary distractions for the driver of the vehicle, and providing all the information available from the detection modules only when it is really necessary 


This project has received funding from the Spanish Ministry of Economy and competitiveness through:

  • NNPACTO 2011 sub-programme
  • Duration: 2011–2013


Dragados (consortium leader), SICE, University of Valencia and Polytechnic University of Madrid.