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IN-FasT - Measures to Increase Cybersecurity and Critical Transport Infrastructure Protection

Research and Development Project CDTI – PID2020

The IN-FasT project aims to establish a design and operation methodology that incorporates requirements, measures and recommendations from the security point of view to be implemented in the SIDERA SCADA to detect and control any possible cyber attacks.

In Fast SICE

The continuous evolution of traffic control systems, which no longer only obtain information but also relate it to other applications, analysing it by means of expert systems, is ushering in a new era of Interconnected Intelligent Systems, which are undoubtedly going to represent a great qualitative leap forward in the improvement of land transport, but which at the same time face a series of significant security risks.

All technologies developed to work connected to the Internet are open to cyber attacks, which can represent threats and considerable economic and quality of service losses. In the case of ITS, these threats range from problems related to blocking the flow of data and information to the interruption of functions and/or services.

With the development of the IN-FasT project, the aim is to incorporate cyber security requirements from the design phase in order to establish an ITS operational framework for the control of critical transport infrastructure.

Thus, a series of measures to improve cyber security will be incorporated to guarantee the correct functioning of SIDERA in the face of cyber attacks and possible threats, preventing external agents from accessing the system or its components, as well as making it possible to articulate dissuasive measures for access to intruders, and mitigation measures that allow, among others, the isolation of equipment that is the object of the attack.


This R&D project is co-financed by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI). (Exp.IDI-20200146).