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FI-Traffic Light Controller: Development of a new Local Traffic Controller based on the deployment of services compatible with Cloud model


FI-TL controller considers the development of a new traffic light controller that will enable the deployment of services compatible with Cloud paradigm.


FI-TL controller will be able to broaden the offer of services in these systems, allowing more interactions to take place among the different actors involved in the urban mobility (drivers, pedestrian) and the traffic control devices.

Project funded by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (MINETUR)



Summary and Objectives
The so called “Factories of the Future” based on models like Cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and the conceiving and development of Open Data models, etc. are aimed at creating a flexible and interoperable digital infrastructure open to developers of applications, upon which it is posible to produce, to mention, Intelligent Urban Spaces that can interact with pedestrian (through their personal devices) and vehicles (by means of their on-board units or OBUs) in the Smart Cities.

FI-TL Controller proposes a generational step forward with respect to the conceiving of traffic light controllers, by which it aimes at:

  • Being able to activate green light demands for pedestrian using the citizen’s smartphone, as alternative mode to the push button.
  • To deploy real time information services that will communicate with vehicles and/or pedestrian, following the European standard CEN ISO TS 19091, currently at its definition stage, and the formats ASN.1 , or XML or JSON.
  • To provide with mechanisms to improve the safety in the road intersections, based on the aforementioned premises; therefore, times of green light can be extended and adapted to the pedestrian’s needs for safely crossing, and information about the presence of pedestrian crossing can be shared.