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CATCH- Carbon-Aware Travel CHoice in the city, region and world of tomorrow

7th European Framework Programme

Development of an information platform for virtual choosing trip respectful climate in the city , region and world tomorrow.


The vision of the CATCH project is for it to become the natural place to go to for advice and information on reducing greenhouse gases and mobility. 

The core of the CATCH platform is a virtual environmental travel wizard, which provides travellers with detailed information on greenhouse gases. A second layer is for conveying information to the public or audience, including diagrams and incentivising mechanisms, mobility solutions and support tools. 

Supporting the computerised elements is the CATCH knowledge engine, which drives and supports the platform’s activities. It includes a wide range of information on mobility, including operational data (emission-related information), context data (urban population, form, data at both the regional and national level), and support data (references, sources, links and 


CATCH is made up of a consortium of companies with extensive experience in the ambits of mobility and transport, as well as a lengthy track record in such related fields as urban development and design, visualisation, climate-change and environmental policy, developing business cases and local governance. 

CATCH brings together 11 public and private entities, representing six countries on three continents. 

User groups: POLIS & UITP 
Technical providers: SICE & Q-Sphere 
Universities and research centres: University of Palermo & University of West of England 
Consultants: MRC, Systematica & TRL 
International cooperation: Federal University of Rio (Brazil) & Municipality of Handan (China)

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