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ADILUX – Research and Development of Forecasting Algorithms for Adaptive Regulation of Interurban Lighting Systems

“Avanza Competitividad” RDI Projects

Review and modernisation of lighting systems to create an adaptive system based on traffic levels, with a view to reducing electricity consumption


The main objective of this project is to integrate traffic- and weather-management systems with the street-lighting network, reducing electricity consumption while maintaining road safety. We call this solution an “adaptive lighting system”.
To achieve this goal, we propose developing specific adaptive control algorithms for each street-lighting network, which, depending on local conditions, will allow the lighting to be controlled more efficiently.
The development of the full system includes several different functionalities.

  1. Improve street-lighting regulation systems.
  2. Introduce LED-type lighting units for street-lighting to enable the intensity of the illumination to be regulated, thereby improving energy efficiency.
  3. Use ITS sensors for both vehicle detection and to calculate the average traffic Speedy, as information sources for the street-lighting regulation system.
  4. Use weather sensors to detect any environmental conditions that could affect visibility, as information sources for the street-lighting regulation system.
  5. Integrate all the above variables into the self-adapting street-lighting regulation system to adjust the switching-on of the lighting and light intensity dynamically.
  6. Develop a mobile unit to be carried on board a vehicle for continuous light-level readings with a view to drawing up light maps to enable the results of the self-adapting regulation system to be validated.
  7. Perform driving trials on controlled road sections to assess drivers’ subjective perception of the various street-lighting regulation criteria.


The project was co-funded by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, within the National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation 2008-2011.

  • Sub-programme: “Avanza Competitividad” RDI
  • Duration: 2010–2012


The Adilux project is coordinated by SICE, in partnership with the Navarre Regional Government, Socelec, Aido, Citean and Arcos Ingenieros.