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February 18, 2023, Huesca, España |

SICE installs a modern video surveillance and access control system in Monzón (Huesca)

Sistema CCTV en Monzón

Last January, SICE activated the new video surveillance system for the traffic control of the accesses to the municipalities of Monzón, Selgua and Conchel, as well as the industrial parks of Armentera and Paúles, all of them located in the province of Huesca (Spain). The installation, carried out during the second semester of 2022, favors greater citizen security in the municipalities, and has become an essential tool for the local police in order to guarantee access to these areas through the main roads.

The installed system consists of video surveillance cameras of various types (PTZ for surveillance and security; and LPR for license plate recognition), as well as the computer equipment dedicated to the storage of recordings, the telecommunications systems for the transmission of images via Wimax links, and the systems necessary for the management and integration of the recordings in the videowall of the local police. The CCTV system is powered by the public lighting network and is complemented by batteries that are recharged during the night, thus avoiding civil works and the laying of new wiring.

Since the implementation of the new system last January, the Local Police of Monzón has a new tool for the correct control of the entry and exit of vehicles, the management of black lists, the monitoring of vehicles in search and capture and improve guarantees in terms of public safety, with a "closer" surveillance of possible criminal activities on public roads.