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November 21, 2011, Madrid, Spain |

Workshop of European HNPS project at Madrid Regional Transport Consortium (CRTM) facilities

Workshop del proyecto europeo HNPS

SICE has been working since 2008 on a European project to develop a heterogeneous communications network for handling emergencies, striving for public safety in Europe for people and for physical environments. 

This project, called “Heterogeneous Networks for Public Safety” (HNPS), has taken the specific form in a Spanish scenario focusing on the creation of an innovative emergency service for urban transport infrastructures, materialised in a pilot at the Moncloa interchange in Madrid, coordinated technically by SICE. 

On 14 November the results of the project were shown at the pilot installed at the Moncloa interchange, at a day-long session organised by SICE in partnership with the Visual Telecoms Application Group of the School of Telecommunications (Polytechnic University of Madrid, Telefónica R&D and Gowex, with assistance and support from the CRTM. 

At this demonstration an advanced new video-surveillance service for risk situations (potential alarm) was unveiled. The area selected calls for greater attention and monitoring than that provided by an operator at a CCTV control centre. 

After detecting a possible alarm, a new resources-management application (material and/or human), identifies what or who is going to be responsible for dealing with the alarm. The resources are selected according to their proximity to the site of the problem, the priority of the alarm, work shifts and professional qualifications. 

The proximity of these resources to the area of interest is determined by a new location service supported by the use of fast-deployment ad hoc networks. 

The real-time communications of these HNPS services means that the localised resources can receive an automatic e-mail alert in real time containing the information needed to resolve the issue. 

The session was attended by Madrid City Council’s chief coordinator for emergencies and safety, the head of the innovation division of the Council’s department of emergencies and civil protection and CISEM personnel (Samur, fire brigade, police force).