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October 04, 2011, Sevilla. Spain |

TUSSAM awards to SICE the supply, installation and maintenance of an automatic management system for Prado de San Sebastián bus station


On 6 October the mayor of Seville, Juan Ignacio Zoido, and the dean of the Professional Association of Architects, Ángel Díaz del Río, accompanied by local-government representatives opened Architecture Week at the city’s Prado de San Sebastián bus station, which has recently been renovated and equipped with an automatic system for access management and passenger information, supplied, installed and commissioned by SICE. SICE has completed the works for the supply and installation of the system to control bus Access as well as surveillance and passenger-information systems at the well-known station.

The Project consists of installing access- and payment-control systems, intercoms, PA system, information screens and integrated management software with the associated equipment. The project also includes the maintenance of all the systems installed.

The links with Tussan’s central facilities are optic-fibre based. Access control includes barriers with a number-plate-recognition camera and touch-screen system at the entrance, as well as two automatic payment machines (one multi-payment and the other for bank payment).

Information is given to passengers on four 55-inch screens with details of regular lines, timetables and the corresponding platforms. On the platforms 24 22-inch screens have been installed, displaying the destination or origin of each bus and when it scheduled to arrive or depart.

The PA system, with 17 projection units and 7 loudspeakers, gives information in Spanish and English on arrivals and departures. There is also an information panel for the visually impaired, which gives timetable information in spoken form.

These works are part of the project to integrate transit in road management, stops and parking for tourism buses, thereby improving the quality of the service for operators and tourists. 

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