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January 11, 2023, Alcobendas, España |

The city of Alcobendas installs a Low Emissions Zone

ZBE en la ciudad de Alcobendas

With the aim of reducing pollution and improving air quality, the city of Alcobendas has contributed by implementing a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in the city center. A LEZ is an area delimited by a public administration that restricts access, circulation and parking of vehicles with the aim of improving air quality. This improvement is intended to be achieved through the reduction of polluting emissions from vehicles, for which purpose the ZBEs are delimited within the municipality. This type of project responds to a European agreement for the reduction of polluting gases for climate change.

In the case of Alcobendas, the tasks assigned to SICE in the contract include the installation of license plate reading cameras, surveillance cameras, cameras to monitor handicapped parking spaces and loading and unloading spaces, variable message panels, Photo-Red cameras, radars and meteorological cameras. In the preparation phase of the project, SICE carried out an extensive environmental study to determine the best solution in terms of both the location of the elements and the quantity and typology of each one of them.
With the implementation of all the equipment, in addition to the corresponding communication campaigns to citizens, the mobility of the most polluting vehicles has been reduced, thus producing a drop in CO2 levels and an improvement in air quality in the area.