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January 18, 2023, Madrid, España |

The Tagus Hydrographic Confederation extends the contract with SICE for the integral management of the integrated network system

Confederación Hidrográfica del Tajo

The Tagus Hydrographic Confederation has an integrated network system composed of the Automatic Hydrological Information System (AHIS), the Official Network of Gauging Stations (ROEA) and the Automatic Water Quality Information System (AWQIS).

Within this framework, the work contracted to SICE brings together in a single service the maintenance and operation of the three automatic networks, which supply information in real time to a control center located in the central offices of the CH Tajo in Madrid. Here the data from the control points (reservoirs, river and canal gauging, weather and quality control stations, etc.) are received, processed, stored and presented on the center's own internal network as well as to the general public through a web page. The distribution of information to institutional and external users such as the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), the General Directorate of Water (DGA), Civil Protection, Government Delegations and the Portuguese Environmental Agency (APA) is also guaranteed.

The population supplied by the water of the Tagus basin is about 8 million inhabitants of the basin itself, in addition to 1.5 million inhabitants of the basins of Southeastern Spain (Tagus-Segura transfer) and 3 million inhabitants of Portugal. In addition, it covers more than 120,000 hectares of irrigated land in public irrigated areas and the same in private irrigated areas, and allows the existence of numerous hydroelectric uses. For all these reasons, an optimal maintenance and operation of the integrated system is essential, guaranteeing the continuity of the service in any situation.


Confederación Hidrográfica del Tajo