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April 10, 2019, Baleares, Spain |

The Traffic Management Centre of the Balearic Islands implemented SIDERA AWS within their plan to migrate to Cloud platforms

CGT Baleares

The Directorate-General for Traffic has granted SICE the execution of preventative maintenance actions, repairs, conservation and operation services, repairs of damages caused by third parties, and the improvement and updating of obsolete units, to complement the functionality of all the units and facilities for traffic regulation, control and speed, operated by the Balearic Traffic Management Center (CGT de Baleares), with headquarters in Palma de Mallorca.

This project shall be the first implementation of the centralized traffic management platform based on the new SIDERA AWS website and its migration to the Cloud through a top-of-the-line cloud services provider (AWS – Amazon Web Services).

Thanks to this new operating model, the main components of the SIDERA server will be uploaded to the Cloud while maintaining connectivity to the local infrastructure and harnessing the characteristics of scalability, availability, and performance of cloud computing. With this SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, the distribution software and the managed data will be stored in servers owned by a top Information and communications technology (ICT) company, such as AWS. The great advantage of implementing this sort of solution is compliance with the main goal of an ITS: high availability, tolerance to failure and scalability. AWS offers all of these characteristics with simple configurations, allowing them to automate many tasks.

SICE, the company responsible for the development and implementation of the platform, has successfully taken on this challenge. Its development has allowed them to reach new agreements with cloud service providers, specifically Amazon Web Services (AWS), with whom we have established a business relationship. Currently, SICE is an APN consulting partner of the AWS partner network, having reached the Select Partner level.

Thanks to this collaboration, the development of the project has been streamlined at the service level, since the management of the ITS devices was completely operational during the entire migration project, without significant downtimes of the CGT, thanks to the implementation of SIDERA on-premises.

The good results obtained through this experience thanks to the joint efforts of SICE and AWS during its implementation guaranteed the resounding success of SIDERA AWS for its global implementation. 

Currently, SICE participates in cloud-based projects that -depending on their privacy, requirements, and the type of information stored- choose to provide public, private or hybrid cloud services, thus adapting the solution so it is the best for each specific project.

CGT Baleares 2