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May 12, 2020, Sevilla, Spain |

The Southwestern Traffic Management Center is committed to unifying Business Intelligence tools with SIDERA to optimize traffic management

Centro de Gestión del Tráfico Suroeste

The Directorate-General for Traffic has granted SICE the execution of preventative maintenance actions, repair, conservation and operation services, repairs of damages caused by third parties, and the improvement and updating of obsolete units, to complement the functionality of all the units and facilities for traffic regulation, control and speed, operated by the Southwestern Traffic Management Center, with headquarters in Seville.

The main change in this new maintenance period involves the updating of the ITS platform, SIDERA, which has been developed by SICE and will be installed at the Traffic Management Center. Similarly, new Business Intelligence tools will be installed to generate and distribute programmed reports. Travel times with information on the movement of vehicles provided by mobile phone operators will also be integrated in the aforementioned platform.

A new software tool will be implemented for the Analysis and Fusion of Traffic Data provided by external traffic and traffic-related data suppliers. This module will operate in two different time scopes, both in real time (Travel Times, Events, and Analytic Predictions) as well as differed analysis (Speed Analysis, Study of Dangerous Sections, and Mobility Analytics).

The contract includes the maintenance of all the units that the Directorate-General for Traffic has in Western Andalusia, specifically in the provinces of Seville, Cadiz, Cordoba, and Huelva. Including:

  • Variable message signs (VMS)
  • CCTV
  • Data collection stations
  • Universal Remote Stations (URS)
  • Weather stations
  • License plate readers
  • Seatbelt cameras (control of drivers without seatbelt)
  • Reversible lanes on the Centenario and Carranza bridges
  • Electrical connections
  • Traffic Management Center and its technical room

Having all these devices up to date is essential, since for example, VMS and CCTV provide information to drivers about road incidents (accidents, blocked lanes, traffic jams, loose animals, etc.). Another good example are the data collection stations, which provide daily, weekly or monthly data on traffic intensity (something that has become of vital importance due to the lockdown we have undergone in the past months).

Other very important aspects are the news on meteorological events (fog, wind, rain, snow, etc.) which are provided by the stations, the travel times of sections where traffic jams are frequent, average speed controls reporting the offending driver by showing their license plate, and the management of reversible lanes in a hotspot section of the road, such as the bridges (in both directions) depending on the traffic at that particular time, to alleviate it.

The company has been providing this service since the year 2006. Therefore, this grant provides continuity to the work that has been carried out over the past 14 years.

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