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September 21, 2018, Murcia, Spain |

The Mancomunidad de Canales del Taibilla awards SICE the service of “Inspection and operation of the capture, regulation, piping and deposits installations and various branches of the area of operation”

Canales del Taibilla

SICE reinforces its leading position in Environment and Water contracts, by adding those already contracted in the area with the Mancomunidad de Canales del Taibilla and Confederación Hidrográfica del Segura, among others from other regions and bodies.

The mentioned service fundamentally consists of performing the activities and work necessary for the work to inspect and operation in the capture, regulation, piping and deposits installations and branches in the areas of Cartagena, Murcia, Lorca, Orihuela and Presa, monitoring the expropriated area, the easement areas and protection perimeters, controlling the installations and the flows in piping and deposits and carrying out various operations related to the operation of the infrastructure.

The works and tasks to be carried out are as follows:

  1. Consumption readings
  2. Control and inspection of deposits
  3. Control and inspection of beacons
  4. Monitoring of the expropriated area of channels and piping
  5. Course of the branch
  6. Monitoring and internal control of the channels
  7. Monitoring and control of installations and elevations
  8. Control and inspections of manholes
  9. Control of valves in the piping
  10. Control and inspection of vents
  11. Actions in the event of a breakage or breakdown and maintenance of operations
  12. Monitoring and knowledge of works
  13. Submission of reports and communications

The works will begin in August, 2018, and will last a year, but may be extended for another year.

Mancomunidad Taibilla