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September 06, 2022, Birmingham, UK |

The M6toll UK motorway network will be equipped with a modern integrated toll management system developed by SICE.


M6toll has recently awarded SICE the design, implementation and support of a new Tolling System for the M6toll motorway as part of a future-proofing investment programme by M6toll and its parent company. The M6toll is an important part of the UK road network, with journeys using the road starting and finishing across a very wide area, spreading benefits to business and individuals throughout the UK, far beyond the West Midlands.

Recently “crowned” as Britain's best motorway by 32% of HGV drivers, this 27-mile, dual three-lane motorway currently operates with a toll system of 7 toll plazas with 45 toll lanes. The new tolling system to be provided by SICE will incorporate points to control the traffic in the entries and exits. The new Solution will use Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology to identify vehicles via their Vehicle Registration Number(VRN), through the whole of the M6toll motorway.

SICE will develop the system in a Cloud based architecture, including cutting edge fingerprinting technology.SICE will deliver an end-to-end solution for this project; Roadside Technology, Operational Back-Office and Commercial Back-Office, including the Public Portal to allow Customers to register and manage their accounts. With the new system from SICE and expertise from M6toll, customers will now enjoy the easiest, safest and most reliable route in the Midlands, providing a platform from which to attract new customers, locally and nationally. The system will be passively installed throughout the rest of the year without any disruption to road-users and is expected to be available to all customers over the coming months.