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August 21, 2018, Orlando, USA. |

The Florida Department of Transportation opened the first operational truck parking availability system

E5Y77 – Rest Area

FDOT initiated the project after studies done by Florida University revealed truck overflow parking was occurring at some rest areas, while others were underutilized due to lack of information to drivers.

The project is the first included in the FDOT plan to create statewide Truck Parking Availability Systems. The installation’s success is considered strategic since it gives SICE advantage over future tenders.

SICE’s solution provides real-time information and helps drivers locate safe stops by tracking how many spots are available, which is relayed to dynamic message signs. The system utilizes in-ground sensors within 637 parking spaces along five rest areas and two weight stations located in the interstates I-95 and I-4, in the vicinity of Orlando.

Thousands of trucks pass through Central Florida each day, and this solution provides drivers with a new tool that helps them schedule their stops safely.