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January 21, 2019, Antequera, Spain |

The Energy efficiency improvements in outdoor lighting project of Antequera was nominated as finalist for the EnerTIC 2018 Awards

Antequera Alumbrado

The project to improve energy efficiency in Antequera’s outdoor lighting, executed by SICE within the UTE ESMAR, has been nominated as finalist of the EnerTIC 2018 Awards in the SMART Lighting category, competing with the municipalities of Badajoz and Rivas- Vaciamadrid. During September, the Technical Committee of EnerTIC evaluated several projects committed to energy efficiency and sustainability, choosing the finalists of each of the 14 award-winning categories: Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Smart Mobility, Smart Energy and Smart Sustainability.

With an investment of 2.8 million euros, within the framework of the project, SICE has renewed all the luminaries of the municipality of Antequera (new lanterns, improvement of traffic lights, etc.), as well as the intelligent telemanagement system of the lighting for all the luminaries, achieving an energy saving of 69.5%, reducing light pollution and CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. Likewise, the system allows citizens to generate incidents and interact from their mobile phones, since the telemanagement system is integrated with the customer service platforms.

The EnerTIC Awards started 6 years ago and since then they have been known in Spain as the most important awards bestowed to innovation and technology for energy efficiency and sustainability.