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April 27, 2020, Tejada, Canarias, Spain |

The City Council of Tejeda improves the energy efficiency of the municipality

Tejada, Burgos

The Tejeda City Council has awarded SICE the project of updating public lighting installations, in order to improve energy efficiency, as well as decrease costs and CO2 emissions. This is applicable to various streets of the inner city area, and also to different neighborhoods in the north of the city.

The City Council's public services department intends to gradually replace all the obsolete street lights in this municipality in several phases. Not only will the public lighting be improved, but with the new LED technology being applied, greater energy efficiency and significant economic savings will be achieved. Additionally, all the luminaires will be able to be controlled on-site with a maximum of five phases, and will be fully programable to be turned on and off at predetermined times.

The works primarily relate to 1,059 municipal light points (538 units located in neighborhoods and 521 units in the inner city area), specifically the replacement of existing luminaires with new units featuring LED technology, or the improvement of areas with insufficient lighting. 20 public lighting control and distribution panels will also be installed, either to replace existing units or to service new electrical supply points. All other elements of the existing facilities will also be updated as necessary, in order to meet the requirements of all applicable electricity safety regulations.

These works are of special importance, as Tejeda is one of the main tourist regions in the Canary Islands, and is officially classified as one of the "most beautiful towns in Spain".