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March 30, 2023, Doña Mencía, Spain |

The City Council of Doña Mencía is commited to energy efficiency with the renovation of public lighting in the municipality

Doña Mencía alumbrado

The City Council of Doña Mencía has awarded SICE the contract for the renovation of the public lighting installations with the aim of promoting the efficient use of energy resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and guaranteeing the safety of the installations. The renovation of public lighting not only represents a long-term economic saving, but also an improvement in the quality of life of residents and a contribution to the fight against climate change.

This initiative will affect the 22 command centers of the municipality and its more than 500 light points, contemplating the replacement of the 687 luminaires that use discharge lamps with LED technology of lower energy consumption and greater durability. This will reduce the need to replace lamps due to the end of their useful life and will result in significant energy, economic and environmental savings.

In addition, a new intelligent public lighting management system, developed by SICE, will be installed, which will allow remote control of all lighting parameters, both at the control panel level and at the individual point-to-point level for each luminaire. Similarly, the geo-referenced inventory of the installations under the contract will be carried out, with the corresponding characteristics, which can be viewed on the Energy Management Platform.

To carry out the installation works of this work, the high number of existing schools and educational centers and their dispersion in the Municipality of Doña Mencía has been taken into account, which together with the incidence of possible works of external agents will be mitigated with the coordination work carried out by the SICE team, which will avoid the effect of external works in the execution period of the Project.

SICE, the company awarded the contract, has extensive experience in the execution of lighting and energy efficiency projects and shows a strong commitment to innovation and sustainability. The Spanish company is the perfect partner for the Doña Mencía City Council, which renews its commitment to the environment and sustainability.

Doña Mencia lights up with a new, more efficient, safer and more sustainable light.

Doña Mencía