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March 23, 2020, Basque Country, Spain |

The Basque Government awards SICE the Contract to equip the communications network of the Department of Traffic


SICE is awarded the Contract to equip the communications network of the Department of Traffic of the Basque Government. The object of the contract is the supply, installation and commissioning of the renewal of the following switches in the communications network of the variable information system and the sensorization of the Basque Government’s road network:

  • Subring 9
  • Ring 5
  • Ring 6

The project includes the following services:

  • Design engineering of the overall system, with particular attention to the integration with the existing HIVision Management Platform at the time of executing the contract.
  • Location engineering: reassessing the locations and the installations to be carried out.
  • Uninstallation of elements to be replaced and the associated wiring and testing.
  • Classification of dismantled elements and transportation of the different types and quantities to the locations determined by the Department of Security.
  • Delivery to an approved recycling point of the elements considered to be definitively withdrawn.
  • Supply of the necessary, configured equipment to sites.
  • Installation of new equipment.
  • Project management and quality control.
  • Adoption of measures for environmental management and risk prevention.
  • General documentation: technical project of the system, technical manuals on supplies, protocols for testing and results, installation mapping, equipment inventory, licenses and installed material.
  • Training of personnel at user and technician level.
  • Technical assistance and maintenance during the warranty period.

The communications network of the Department of the Interior of the Basque Government is a network classified as extremely critical. It is therefore essential that the migration in question does not have any significant effect on its availability.