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July 24, 2015, Barcelona, Spain |

Supply and Installation of CCTV System in 15 stations of Catalonia core suburban train network

CCTV Cataluña

SICE Seguridad has been awarded the works for the Installation of Security and CCTV Systems in 15 stations of Renfe Viajeros, within the Barcelona core suburban train network (Rodalies).

Works will be carried in Rodalies de Catalunya stations belonging to all lines R1, R2, R3, R4 and R4 Nord of the suburban train network, within 9 months. These stations have a large number of travelers, which fluctuates throughout the day.

The project aims to provide them with recording equipment is to avoid the possible events derived from vandalism against persons or property (assault, theft, etc.) both travelers and station facilities (box office, hallways, graffiti, etc.) and surrounding buildings.

The project scope includes the supply and installation of recorders, rack, tables and electric fences, cameras, cables and all equipment and operations necessary for the successful completion of the work.

With hybrid recording equipment provided approximately 30 days storage is ensured. They also allow to manage signals from analog and IP cameras. With them, it not only provides greater security, but image processing and further processing to transmit tranquility to travelers and people who use services RENFE Operadora is also improved.