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March 29, 2019, Santander, España |

Six new interlocks in the Torrelavega-Santander section will help improve safety and reduce travel times


ADIF (the Spanish railways operator) has awarded to SICE-ENYSE the design, built and maintenance contract of the signaling and communications project of the Torrelavega-Santander section of the Palencia-Santander line.

The scope of the project includes the replacement of six electrical interlocks for ENYSE’s EiS23 electronic interlocking system, as well as the deployment of all the field equipment, reliable power to the signaling equipment, fixed telecommunications and auxiliary systems. . It also involves the construction of new technical buildings to house the new Signaling and Communication devices.

Two of the main objectives of this project are the improvement of safety throughout the line, and the reduction of travel time between Madrid, Palencia and Santander, leaving it at around 3 hours for travel between Madrid and Santander. It is estimated that an average of 70 trains run daily through the Santander-Torrelavega section. The duplication of tracks on some sections of the road will increase traffic flow.

It is foreseen that the works will be executed in a period of approximately 30 months, followed by 20 years for the maintenance.