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July 23, 2015, Barcelona, Spain |

Silver Award for Information Technology “IT Award”

Premio de Plata a las Tecnologías de la Información IT Award

During the XXIX World Ports Conference held in Hamburg (Germany) last June by the International Association of Ports and Harbors -IPAH-, the Port of Barcelona has been awarded the second award or the Silver Award Information Technology IT Award for the application 'From a paperless Port towards a Smart Port', in which presented the PINCODE and SICAD projects.

The SICAD Project (Unassisted Customs Control System) is a system developed by SICE that allows the exit of trucks or containers that comply with the procedure of "Raise Paperless (LSP)", without stopping passing through Customs control.

The system has been installed in the container terminals of the port and its main objective is to facilitate the departure of the truck from container terminals, for what have been automated eight lanes in the Customs checkpoint. These lanes require a minimum of effective Fiscal Receipt (Civil Guard) presence.

Likewise, the system allows automatically trucks departure without container (plates), with LSP filled containers and with empty containers. The trucks that do not meet these characteristics must exit by manuals lanes.

In each of the lanes has been installed a cameras set for reading license plates that identify the license plate of the truck going through the lane and sends this information to the control center where the SICAD system evaluates if the truck meets the conditions for automatically departure. If the truck meets the defined requirements, SICAD opens the lane barrier to allow truck out without stopping.

Additionally, if the truck leaves with a container LSP, SICAD is responsible to inform Customs that the truck / container has left the terminal.