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June 14, 2018, Barcelona, Spain |

SICE will provide the dynamic signaling solution for the Port of Barcelona

Port de Barcelona

In the Port of Barcelona, orientation signaling is part of the port’s scenery: it is an element continuously present. Its primary function is to guide and facilitate traffic of users (cruise passengers, other travelers, carriers, passers-by, etc.)

To modernize the signaling, SICE will implement a unique, scalable and secure management tool adapted to the information needs of users in real time: the DENEVA solution for ports. Oriented towards Smartcities, Opendata and Bigdata technologies, DENEVA enables intermodality management, facilitating communication from multiple external sources in real time. It is a multi-device solution capable of displaying and adapting information to the different panel and display formats.

The company will install several types of panels that can represent any necessary element to inform the port user of the updated information about all services. This way, the system will be integrated with the other applications used by the Port of Barcelona, both those generating information for ferry and cruise ship users and those referring to system monitoring.

The main functionalities of the displays will be to show updated information on location and timetables of ferries and cruise ships, thus improving the orientation of passengers through directional, lexical, graphic, iconic and chromatic codes. The displays will also be ready to show any other multimedia content: image or video files, presentations, etc.

This solution will be complementary to the conventional signaling elements, as well as other dynamic signaling systems already existent in the port. It will even make it possible to eliminate part of the existing fixed signaling.

DENEVA para SICE en el Port de Barcelona