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July 10, 2017, Lima, Peru |

SICE will provide a passenger control system to the Line 2 and Av.Faucett – Av. Gambetta of Lima and Callao Basic Metro Network

Line 2 plan

The project “Line 2 and Av.Faucett – Av. Gambetta of Lima and Callao Basic Metro Network” will provide Lima and Callao Metro with a modern mass transit system underground, 35km entailing the East-West axis (Ate – Lima – Callao) and the connecting branch on Av- Faucett to Jorge Chavez International Airport.

SICE will provide the Passenger Control System Of the Line 2 and Extension of the future Line 4 Metro de Lima and Callao. The project covers a total of 35 stations in which access control equipment, vending machines, and lockers will be installed, as well as the corresponding control centers for both lines. This equipment will be managed by the PORTARE system, SICE’s ticketing platform.

SICE will provide Line 2 and Line 4 with a full ticketing system based on the use of Mifare Desfire technology contactless smart cards, including:

  • Automatic and manual sales systems, which will allow the user to acquire and recharge their card in both automatic vending machines (TVM) and in booths with or without staff. In any of the available sale and recharge alternatives, the user will be allowed to pay with cash (coins and banknotes) as well as with credit card.
  • Access control systems, facilitating the user access to the metro network by means of bi-directional step batteries made up from retractable doors.
  • Portable inspection equipment, allowing the operator to check on trains and at the stations if the tickets are valid.
  • Station concentrator and local operator booth, counting on the required infrastructure for data transmission among the sale systems, access and inspection control and the central system. It also allows the operator to locally monitor the full station equipment.
  • Central System (control centers for normal and emergency operation), which will host all applications for management, monitoring and administration of the ticketing system. It also has a central backup system that will work in emergency cases.

AFC System’s management and administration will be developed through a portal for applications in charge of the configuration, parameterization, management, and control and monitoring of SICE’s ticketing systems (PORTARE).

This project joins other important ones developed by SICE such as Metro de Seville, Valencia, Barcelona, Santiago de Chile or Santander, in which the company has successfully implemented different ticketing systems.