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July 30, 2018, Moguer (Huelva), Spain |

SICE will manage the public lighting installations for Moguer Town Council


After being granted with the public tender convened by Moguer Town Council, SICE will manage the entire lighting installation of the municipal district, adding a total of 40 new command centers and 2,200 lighting points to the facilities that it was already managing,

Within the scope of the contract, which lasts for 15 years, SICE will carry out a comprehensive renovation of the public lighting installation in order to replace it with new lights equipped with LED technology, renewing all the electrical panels and updating the image of the installation.

The SMART CITY concept will also be extended with the incorporation of a remote management system that will allow remote control monitoring of the installation.

Moguer Town Council was already SICE’s client in other projects such as traffic management or the lighting for the Mazagón municipal district where energy savings of 82.47% have been obtained. This new contract increases SICE´s presence in the area and will complete the renovation of the lighting installation that began three years ago on Moguer’s beaches.