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July 17, 2018, Seville, Spain |

SICE will increase the energy efficiency of the street lighting and municipal buildings in Coria del Río


Coria del Río town council has awarded SICE the contract to provide the full service for its public lighting and for municipal buildings. The goal is to implement systems that give the municipality greater energy efficiency and enable savings in consumption.

To achieve this double goal, a series of investments will be made, ranging from replacing 3,600 lights employing a variety of technologies with others with LED technologies, or replacing 400 highly-polluting lights with other energy-efficient LEDs with emissions towards the upper hemisphere > 1%.

In the case of municipal buildings, the work of replacing the existing diesel boiler for the town’s swimming pool with a much more efficient and less polluting natural gas boiler will be carried out, as well as the replacement of 1,000 indoor lights in 42 outbuildings, for the town’s primary and secondary schools and other types of municipal building.

In addition to halving the energy expenditure on public lighting and municipal buildings with the consequent economic savings, the same percentage of greenhouse gas reduction will be produced for the municipality. This reflects a firm commitment to efficiency energy and savings in consumption, in addition to a commitment to the environmental improvement and sustainability of the municipality.

Specifically, a saving in public lighting consumption of more than 75% is envisaged, while in the municipal buildings it will be possible to achieve almost 27%.

Another of SICE's strengths in the contract will be the implementation of a comprehensive remote management platform that combines the different features of the contract, from inventory management or maintenance to essential energy management.

The platform provided by SICE will be an open one, capable of evolving towards the SmartCity concept, in which the company is also an expert and leader in the sector. It will combine various municipal services within the framework of the EDUSI project that has already been granted by the Coria del Río Town Council.

And of course, as part of the information age, under this contract digital platforms will be created for informing and communicating with the public using mobile apps and social networks to channel suggestions related to the purpose of the contract.