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October 28, 2016, Huelva, Spain |

SICE will implement the new control center for the Port Center for the Services Coordination of Huelva’s Port Authority

CPCS de la Autoridad Portuaria de Huelva

The Port Center for the Services Coordination of Huelva’s Port Authority is where calls and moorings, access authorizations, technical-nautical and port incident protection services are managed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The current control center does not comply with the ergonomic conditions appropriated for its role. Consequently, the Port Authority has awarded SICE the implementation of a new Control Center meeting the conditions and recommendations of the 11064 ISO standard for its correct use as referential space of the Huelva’s Port Authority. The project includes the Constructive Project’s drafting and visa and a final 3D solution in the plans.

SICE’s project includes a turnkey integral solution for the interior installations and deadening acoustic panels aiming at increasing the local’s acoustic comfort, as well as technical and auxiliary furniture, audiovisual system provided with a 1x3 videowall, KVM system for the management of 8 servers, audiovisual system with a video broadcast system and the audio system for intercom between the control and meeting rooms.

The contract also includes control center essential works such as plumbing, sewerage and electric installations, the lighting system, conditioning, fire detection and fighting, etc.

All this actions will be implemented taking into account the ISO standard 110604, developed to stablish a general framework for applying requirements and recommendations related to ergonomic factors for the design and evaluation of control centers aiming at eliminating or reducing possible human error. This is due to the occasional exigencies operators have to deal with. Consequences of an inappropriate action on the part of a control room operator, such as improper omission acts, start-up, time allocation, sequencing, etc., may be devastating. Therefore, the objective of this new standard application is to prevent this kind of error.