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October 05, 2018, Mexico City, Mexico |

SICE will fully modernize the Golfo Centro Highway in Mexico


The EGIS-OCASA-OMEGA Consortium, winner of the tender called by Banobras for the Maintenance, Rehabilitation and Operation of the Golfo Centro Highway, has entrusted SICE with the complete renovation of systems on this highway. In an optimal time of 300 days, SICE will reengineer the toll network and ITS system, implementing it in the 133 lanes.. It will do so complying with the strictest standards required by Banobras and along the 140 kilometers that make up the three sections of highway covered by the contract:

  • México-Pachuca, with a length of 45.84 km. (from km 12+160 to 58+000).
  • México-Tuxpan, with a total of 58.95 km. (from km 83+700 to 142+652).
  • Tihuatlán – Tuxpan, with a length of 36.93 km. (From 224+800 to km 261+730).

The works to be completed by SICE contemplate the supply, installation and commissioning of all toll equipment in the nine collection points distributed along the highway, from lane technology (marquee signs, license plate cameras, stationary classification cameras, automatic barriers, TAG indicator displays, traffic lights, etc.) to enabling collection booths (IP telephones, touch monitor, thermal printers, etc.).SICE has also been hired to simultaneously implement smart transport systems, supplying and integrating all highway equipment, such as batteries, solar panels, clusters, fiber optic distributors, etc.

The short deadlines, length of the highway, high number of lanes and strict standards, make Golfo Centro a significant project for SICE in Mexico. It is also proof of SICE’s dominance in the Mexican market, reaching a total of 255 lanes and more than 400 km, impressive figures that have helped position SICE as one of the main integrators in the sector.