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July 17, 2020, Cordoba, Spain |

SICE will complete the conservation of the road network of Córdoba’s Southwest Zone

Conservación de carreteras

For the first time, SICE is joining the sector of integral road conservation having been awarded the services of various conservation operations in the road network of Andalusia, Southwest Zone of the Province of Córdoba.

The aim of these services is to give a quick and efficient response to any incident that may occur in the road network, whether they are traffic accidents, possible road closures or even, as it occurred with the last storm, inclement weather. All of this, moreover, will also foster the generation of direct and indirect employment.

The planned conservation operations are divided into two large blocks.

The first concerns the operations of management, traffic, and replacement and are aimed at achieving a state of the road that ensures the normal road and safety conditions required, as well as the studies, management, monitoring, and establishment of information or operational support.

In the second block, there are maintenance and improvement operations, which include several types of actions, such as road repairs or shoulder improvements, all kinds of cleaning, replacement and placement of vertical signage and beaconing elements or masonry. It also includes the repair and placement of defense elements or highway enclosure fences, the repainting of road markings, the protection or reconstruction of ditches and watercourses, or even the improvement of banks or the stabilization of slopes or vegetation control.

As additional activities, SICE will also be responsible for the conservation and maintenance of the conservation center, as well as the monitoring and custody of this and other infrastructure.