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April 13, 2020, Gandía, España |

SICE will carry out the industrial and security installations of the new southern access to Gandia Port

Puerto Gandia

The Valencia Port Authority has awarded the company SICE the project for the completion of the industrial and security installations for the new southern access to Gandia Port. This project is part of the construction of a bridge over the outlet of the Serpis river: a new access to the Gandia Port with two entrance and two exit locks.

The new southern access will reduce the waiting time at the port and optimize its competitiveness and efficiency, by increasing the input and output capacity of land transport. With this new infrastructure, the Valencia Port Authority aims to boost the economy of the region and improve the access to the area. It will reduce the daily passage of hundreds of trucks, making roads safer in the Grau neighborhood, which is visited by thousands of tourists in the summer months.

SICE will be responsible for the installation of the medium and low voltage cables, the port access control equipment, the closed circuit TV and the communications via fiber optics. This includes the automation of all signals, fully integrated into the existing control center of the Valencia Port Authority.

This project endorses the presence of SICE in the region, where the company is strongly established and is currently working on a wide variety of projects, most notably maintenance tasks in access control systems and new access control systems for vehicles and people, for the Valencia Port Authority.