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June 15, 2020, Barcelona, Spain |

SICE will adapt the electrical installations for RENFE station systems in the Barcelona train hub

Rodalies cataluña SICE

This past February, SICE was awarded the framework agreement for the "work of adapting the electrical installations for station systems in the Catalonia train hub", which will be carried out in the 48 months after the award.

This work aims to improve the quality of the services provided by RENFE VIAJEROS S.A. to its customers in the stations of the Barcelona train hub. "Traveler satisfaction" is sought through a quality, modern, and efficient service, which entails a constant updating and improvement of its facilities, information systems, and commercial equipment to adapt to the stations’ new electrical needs.

Within the work included in the Framework Agreement, SICE will not only be responsible for the design and adaptation of the electrical installations of the technical rooms, but also for related activities, such as the legalization of the facilities, electrical project, removal of electrical boxes in the rooms, reorganization of electrical boxes, removal of outdated Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) and placement of new equipment, installation of new power wiring for equipment (ticket machines, turnstiles), inspection with ECA, and delivery of all As-Built documentation.