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April 23, 2020, Mexico |

SICE to renew and undertake the maintenance of the ITS and Toll systems of the Atlacomulco-Maravatio road section

Peaje Atlacomulco-Maravatío

SICE has been awarded the supply, installation, deployment, and maintenance of the equipment related to the Toll, Remote Tolling, ITS, and communications systems for the new MRO (Maintenance Line Operator) contract for the Atlacomulco-Maravatio road section, managed by BANOBRAS.

The main goal of this contract is to provide continuity to the previous contract, with the supply of new equipment that includes the change of the current equipment having reached the end of its useful life and to continue the excellent work carried out up to now in terms of preventative and corrective maintenance. The new contract extends our commitment to comply with performance standards.

SICE has extensive experience in the implementation and maintenance of systems that are subject to strict performance standards, such as those required by BANOBRAS, which have been successfully installed throughout the Atlacomulco-Maravatío expressway, or on the La Marquesa-Lerma and Tenango-Ixtapan roads.

The road section included in this project has 2 tolling points: Atlacomulco and Contepec tolls, each of them having 28 dynamic manual lanes and 2 exclusive lanes, amounting to a total of 60 toll lanes, of which 56 are dynamic manual lanes and 4 exclusively for Remote Tolling. The system also includes tolling points (2 tolling points) and control center software.

The ITES system includes Variable Message Panels (VMP), Weather Stations, Data collection stations and PTZ cameras. The software installed in the Platform developed by SICE – SIDERA – is already operating in a control center for the monitoring of the Atlacomulco toll ITS system.