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January 29, 2019, Mexico City, Mexico |

SICE successfully completes the "Modernization of the Toll and Electronic Toll System, and the implementation of the ITS system" for the Golfo-Centro highway

CC Golfo Centro

The modernization of the Golfo Centro Highway that links the capital of the country with the Port of Tuxpan in Veracruz represents one of the most significant projects for BANOBRAS since the modernization of the Toll and Electronic Toll System as well as the implementation of the ITS system was simultaneously carried out in three different sections.

With the systems implemented by SICE on this highway, the highest performance standards required by BANOBRAS are met in its new Operating Model, which allows BANOBRAS to have more efficient and safer highways for the user, and for SICE to maintain itself as a reliable integrating company with more toll systems implemented under the highest standards of performance in Mexico.

SICE was responsible for the work related to the modernization of the Toll and Electronic Toll Systems for 133 lanes, as well as the implementation and integration of the equipment of the ITS Systems in the following road sections:

  • Santa Clara-Tizayuca, with a length of 45.84 km.
  • Tulancingo-Nuevo Necaxa, with a length of 58.95 km.
  • Tihuatlán-Tuxpan, with a length of 36.93 km.

Adding more than 146 km of optical fibers with their respective communication equipment.

With a deadline of 232 days, SICE began working on the Tolls and Electronic Toll Systems in the 7 toll plazas on April 10, 2018. After all the pre-operational tests were done, the client received the systems operating successfully.

With the implementation of SICE’s systems, the Golfo-Centro Highway meets the strictest performance standards required by BANOBRAS, increasing service efficiency and safety for the users of this route.

Peaje Golfo Centro Mexico