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December 13, 2022, Stockholm, Sweden |

SICE succeeds in the FAT testing stage of the Stockholm Bypass

 Stockholm Bypass

SICE, which was awarded the contract for the implementation of the Stockholm Bypass traffic systems in 2018, has successfully completed the FAT testing stage at Trafikverket’s testing facility.

The Stockholm Bypass, one of the worlds longest three lane highway tunnels,is one of the largest projects ever undertaken by the Swedish Transport Administration and is of crucial importance for the sustainable growth of the region. This tunnel will encircle the Swedish capital on the west side, with an infrastructure of 21 kilometres in both directions of traffic.

The FSE904 Traffic Systems contract award marked a strategic milestone in SICE's history, being the precursor of numerous projects in the Nordic countries in recent years. Today, after many months of effort since the project started in August 2019, SICE has successfully passed the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and has been able to demonstrate both the correct operation of the equipment individually and its integration with different management software.

After completing the FAT tests for this project, which stands out for its technical and innovative nature and encompasses the design, control and implementation of traffic control systems, SICE is developing the detailed design phase through 3D modelling of the equipment for on-site installation, in coordination with the rest of the electromechanical contractors.