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March 22, 2011, Alcobendas. Spain |

SICE starts to produce the new MFU3000 traffic regulator


The MFU3000 includes the latest technological advances, not only in terms of its electronics but also with its firmware and urban-traffic engineering.

Its electronics modules include several latest-generation micro-controllers (ARM technology) to assure full native connectivity in any environment and storage capacity.

The most striking enhancements compared with previous models are its high connectivity, the grouping of all traffic-engineering functionality, supporting different operating modes, and 100 percent hardware and software compatibility with its predecessor, the MF4.

Seville is the first Spanish city to install this new regulator on a large scale, followed by Lima and Trujillo in Peru. With these data, by the summer we will have around 300 of these new units installed in Peru and about 100 in Seville