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June 14, 2022, Zaragoza, Spain |

SICE sponsors the Python project: the bioconquest of space

Python: the bioconquest of space

Through the SICE chair of Innovative Technologies Applied to Infrastructure Management of the University of Zaragoza, the company has sponsored Python: the bioconquest of space, a project carried out by 8 students from the French Lycée Molière in the Aragonese capital.

This project is based on the hypothesis of the possibility of creating life in the stratosphere. In order to find out, the Molière students decided to send a capsule into space containing a plant they had planted a few months earlier.

Launching this capsule became possible thanks to SICE's support, which provided the project's volunteers with materials and knowledge through resources, talks and information related to data analysis and Python programming, all supplied by the company's professionals.

After many months of preparation, effort and dedication, the students successfully launched the project into the stratosphere, reaching an altitude of 35,000 metres. After the launch, they were able to see that, to a large extent, it would be possible to cultivate life in the stratosphere, with the disadvantage of the journey to that height, which would be the incentive for the material not to reach space correctly.