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July 17, 2015, Badajoz, Spain |

SICE participates in the IV Iberian Expo-Conference on Intelligent Urban Spaces

 IV Expoconferencia Ibérica sobre Espacios Urbanos Inteligentes

Last July 2015, SICE participated in the IV Iberian Expo-Conference on Intelligent Urban Spaces about where policy makers, civil servants and companies of the sector in Spain and Portugal gathered to learn about the progress and innovations in the environment of Smart Cities, share experiences, specific applications and open spaces for cooperation between cities and companies.

During the conference, the R&D project coordinator of SICE Technology and Systems, Tomas Paadin, made a presentation about "Connected Mobility: pedestrians, vehicles and IoT devices" based on the deployment of cooperative systems in which vehicles are connected to infrastructure  or to other vehicles. Within this presentation he highlighted the pilot project Safecross, intelligent pedestrian crossing for people with reduced mobility developed by SICE.

In addition, a presentation took place about the project of the Smart City of Pozuelo de Alarcón, developed by SICE, as an example of a real project, fully efficient and functional, as opposed to the current proliferation in the market of companies with no real experience on the ground.

In this presentation was a great success the application developed for Smartphones, which allows the location of free parking in the city, as well as route calculation and guide to parking. This service is carried out through pavement sensors that detect the presence of parked cars and send the information to the platform.

Pozuelo de Alarcón is the first Spanish city with an application of this nature.

> More information about the cooperative pilot project Safecross System