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January 15, 2019, Mexico |

SICE is awarded the contract for the maintenance of the Toll Systems and the ITS system installed on the Golfo-Centro Highway


The Operadora y Mantenedora Golfo Centro S.A. de C.V entrusts SICE with the Maintenance of the Toll and Electronic Toll Systems for 133 lanes as well as the equipment of the ITS and Communications Systems located in the 3 different road sections that are part of the Golfo-Centro Highway. The objective of this contract is to keep the systems implemented by SICE in optimum conditions of service and operation and to continue complying with the performance standards required by BANOBRAS. The period of this contract is for 15 months, which may be extended for up to 6 more years.

The company Operadora y Mantenedora Golfo Centro S.A. de C.V. currently maintains, rehabilitates and operates the Golfo Centro Highway (MRO Golfo Centro), which includes the following highway sections:

  • Mexico-Pachuca, from km 12+160 to km 58+000, with a length of 45.84 km.
  • Mexico-Tuxpan, from km 83+700 to km 142+652, with a length of 58.95 km.
  • Tihuatlán-Tuxpan, from km 224+800 to km 261+730, with a length of 36.93 km.