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May 30, 2018, Valencia, Spain |

SICE has been awarded the contract for the enclosure project of the Paiporta station at Valencia’s Metro Network

Metro Valencia

SICE will carry out the enclosure project for the Paiporta station, which belongs to lines 1, 2 and 7 of the Valencia Metro and is located between Valencia Sud and Picaña stations. Since the station is currently operating, works should be scheduled in a way its operation shall not be adversely affected. For this purpose, problems between passenger and/or train flow, as well as safety and signaling measures, shall be minimized.

SICE will carry out all civil works, power and communication ducts and cables necessary for the equipment to be installed, as well as UPS systems and electrical protections, among others. The scope of the project includes a variety of measures, including the following:

  • Access control system:
  • On the platform towards Picaña: composed of a rotating drum with two directions of rotation and an access door PMR.
  • In the station hall: formed by a shutter furniture validation line.
  • Network infrastructure, communication software and integration with the central control station, including cable laying and active network electronics for integration with the current central control station of all equipment.
  • Intercom system, consisting of a totem or support where the equipment and the gateway for connecting them will be housed. The intercom system to be installed will be compatible with the IFONIC SCAN system implemented in the FGV, including a gateway for the connection between intercom systems and its integration with the maintenance and statistical intercom software RETEL.
  • Video surveillance system, consisting of an IP mini-dome and a video recorder, which will be integrated into the current FGV video surveillance system.
  • Marquise and fence for the station enclosure.
  • Remodeling of the accesses to the station, so the latter are independent.