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May 31, 2011, Madrid. Spain |

SICE develops its very own Satellite Toll System

Peaje por satélite

With over 25 years experience implementing toll solutions, SICE has evolved its own Back Office solution (which is already based on DSRC microwave and video) to now incorporate satellite technology.
In order to develop this solution, SICE has benefited from the latest generation of OBUs satellites provided by Continental, a German Company who are leaders in this sector and who have provided hundreds of thousands of devices to the only satellite tolling systems existing worldwide (Germany and Slovakia).
SICE has developed software which resides in the OBU as well as in the Back Office. This software obtains satellite coordinates information and converts it into the number of kilometers traveled by a vehicle. The modules and APIs have been designed to optimise the total cost of the OBU, the Back Office and the information which is exchanged between them.
When using the existing Back Office solution, SICE retains all the advantages of using a 3 rd generation product, which is currently operating and processing approximately 6 million toll transactions worldwide on a daily basis.