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June 21, 2019, Andalusia, Spain |

SICE and the Public Ports Authority of Andalusia (APPA) sign the 3-year contract of Maintenance Service of the Monitoring and Access Control Systems in Ports that are directly managed by APPA


For three years, SICE will provide the Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Service for Access Control and CCTV Systems in the 23 fishing ports and marina directly-operated by the Public Port Authority of Andalusia (APPA) and distributed throughout the Andalusian coast, as well as any installation that may be installed by APPA in the future, with similar characteristics.

The tasks to be performed are the following:

  1. Predictive and Technological Maintenance: in charge of avoiding the obsolescence of the elements, elaboration of maintenance, revisions, and replacement schedules, according to the failure prediction system, as well as the improvement in the performance of the systems.
  2. Preventive Maintenance: Elaboration of inspections with the necessary frequency.
  3. Corrective Maintenance: Actions to correct faults, repairs and incidents, as well as the assembly of new equipment supplied by APPA, including the monitoring of alarms generated by the systems, the remote supervision, reset and commissioning, etc.