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April 30, 2014, Doha, Qatar |

Adjudicación a SALAM SICE Tech Solutions el contrato de Sistemas Avanzados de Gestión del Tráfico (ATMS) para las autopistas Salwa y Dukhan en Qatar

Autopistas Salwa y Dukhan en Qatar

In early March this year, the company SALAM SICE Tech Solutions (SSTS), was chosen by ASOGAL to undertake the project “ATMS (ADVANCED TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS) ON SALWA AND DUKHAN HIGHWAYS”, in order to centralise the monitoring of operations and assist with the maintenance of the highways, which are two of the country’s key road links. The project includes the supply, construction, installation, operation and maintenance of advanced traffic-management systems for motorways, together with the appropriate equipment for the traffic-control centre building on the Salwa road.

The Salwa highway, which is approximately 95 km long, links the industrial area of Doha with Abu Samra, on the border with Saudi Arabia, while the Dukhan highway, approximately 66 km long, communicates the west of the capital, Doha, with the Dukhan industrial area, which is crucial for the country’s oil industry.

The scope of the works includes the installation of radar-based sensors to detect and monitor traffic, supported at certain points by detection systems with video treatment, plus dome CCTV cameras for the traffic-surveillance system.

The equipment will be erected on 15 m posts fitted with a mechanism for bringing the cameras down.

The project also includes communications between the equipment on the motorways with the control centre, using a newly installed fibre-optic network, and communicating the roads via a wireless system.

A control-centre backup system for the systems on the Dukhan highway has also been installed.

This is SICE's first motorway contract in Qatar, and the company’s second that is ITS related, thereby contributing towards consolidating the firm’s business in the Gulf region (GCC).