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February 07, 2018, Andalusia, Spain |

Regional Government of Andalusia and SICE sign a contract to refurbish ticketing systems on an integrated fleet belonging to the Regional Transport Consortium


Almeria’s Transport Consortium awards SICE a contract to refurbish ticketing systems in every urban bus in Andalusia. It includes more than a thousand on-board equipment and management systems in the Andalusian’ Metropolitan Transport Consortium network.

This project is a part of the large technological commitment aimed at adapting and implementing the new travel document for the Transport Consortium. This card is safer and has more memory capacity. This technological change implies full refurbishment for the on-board equipment on buses. There will be a period where the current travel document and the new one be valid.

The ticketing system includes 49 units for managing systems in transport operators, 89 cancelling units (support equipment for the ticketing machines allowing tickets transactions on contactless chip cards and other supports included in the appropriate system) and 1,000 vending machines. The latter provide an interface between the cancellation system and the driver so the following actions are performed:

  • Tickets issuance
  • Travel documents’ transactions on contactless chip card and other media included in the appropriate fare system
  • Equipment connection with other installed on-board, such as fleet monitoring, telematics data transmission information panels, etc.
  • The equipment can operate in an autonomous way since it integrates in a single wireless device, GSM and GPS. In this way, wireless communications can be achieved without using external elements, as well as the automatic positioning and stops switching

SICE's technological solution includes the required hardware and software integrating the Ticketing System, fleet monitoring and the User Information System into a single application tailored to the needs of every operator.