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March 13, 2019, Morocco |

Moyano Telsa will carry out the supply, installation and commissioning of 10Kw transmitters with their accessories in three SNRT broadcasting centers


Moyano Telsa has been awarded the 6M-SNRT-2018 contract of the National Society of Radio and Television of Morocco (SNRT) project, consisting of the supply and installation of 10Kw radio broadcasting stations including transmitters, multiplexers and high-power antenna systems in the three most important broadcasting centers of the SNRT FM network, located at:

  • Rabat- Zairs
  • Casa Ain Chock
  • Zerhoun

The project is part of SNRT PLAN (SOCIÉTÉ NATIONALE DE RADIODIFFUSION ET DE TÉLÉVISION) to increase power of the stations that are already in operation.

The execution period is 6 months.