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March 10, 2015, Luanda, Angola |

Moyano, belonging to SICE Tecnología y Sistemas Group, has been awarded the pilot project of control systems for telecom sites with hybrid power in Unitel network (Angola)

Moyano Angola

This system will be responsible for power management, evaluation of the behavior of hybrid systems and photovoltaic generators installed at sites in order to manage and control the generator input to support renewable generation to be able of booting HVAC equipment.The system is being installed in two pilot sites, located on the outskirts of Luanda. The objective of the control system is to monitor consumption, presence of voltage, voltage of each part of the site and the management of air conditioning, giving easy access to real-time data and allowing remote diagnosis and action on these.

The places where this system installation is pretended are of two types:

  •  the first ones, called Hybrid sites, are off-grid sites, single phase powered by renewable, batteries and generator
  • the second ones, called Low Cost sites, are also off-grid in -48V powered 100% by renewable with very low consumption.

Finally, access to information collected will be held by a small SCADA, which also allows control of generators, contactors and air conditioning equipment in Hybrid sites and also allows cutting in no priority of consumption in Low cost types through the web.