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December 28, 2016, Rotterdam, Netherlands |

MoveUs Project has been awarded with the Thinking Cities Award at the Polis Annual Conference, held in December in Rotterdam

Event in Rotterdam

The “Thinking Cities Award” is an award granted by Polis and H3B Media to projects and cities which aim at improving mobility in cities. It has been MoveUs the project awarded this year during the Polis Annual Conference, held on December 1st and 2nd in Rotterdam. This award is the perfect ending for a project in which SICE has been actively involved for the last three years.

This granting took place after holding the closing event of the MoveUs Project (Madrid pilot project) held on September 14th where representatives of the private sector and local authorities from several municipalities of the metropolitan area, which were very interested in the MoveUs solution, attended. During this meeting held by SICE, Madrid City Council and the EMT (Madrid’s Municipal Transport Company) the results, profits and advantages of the project as well as the overall vision of the smart mobility services developed for the city were exposed.

During this meeting, the key features of the trip planning tool and the infomobility service were presented, the latter calculates the best multimodal journey option considering different settings such as time, energy efficiency, incentives, user choices, etc. The main specific services for Madrid were also introduced:

  • SICE presented the smart pedestrian crossing which allows the user to interact with the infrastructure and to request a crossing demand. It also improves safety on pedestrian crossings.
  • In turn, the EMT introduced its bus priority service which aims at prioritizing delayed buses in those selected crossings controlled by a regulator from the Urban Traffic Control (UTC). The purpose is to optimize efficiency of this mean of transport.

This closing event held on September also served to collect assistants’ opinions which were focused on incentives methodology effectiveness and on the usability of the application. To conclude, the need to consider other metropolitan means of transport and to extend the operational geographical scope were stood out, in a way urban trips and extending the implementation area of the ideas developed within the MoveUs project.

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