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May 18, 2011, Las Palmas, Canary Islands (Spain) |

MERCALASPALMAS turns to SICE to improve access to its facilities


The objective of the project awarded to SICE was to supply and install an automatic management system to control access to MERCALASPALMAS, and so be able to determine the number of vehicles entering the facility every day, identifying them by means of automatic number-plate recognition.

This project consolidates SICE’s position as a firm specialising in installations of this type, having previously installed similar systems at such sites as the Seville Freight Centre, Mercacórdoba and Cordoba Logistics Park.

The system will be installed at the entrances to MERCALASPALMAS, specifically on the five access lanes to the complex: to incoming, two outgoing and one for weight control. 
The project includes the following tasks:

  • Supply and installtion of automatic access-control barriers on the five lanes.
  • Supply and installation of a number-plate-recognition system with cameras on each of the five lanes.
  • Supply and installation of a control unit running the system's management software.
  • Supply and installation of an electrical distribution switchboard.
  • Supply and installation of LED traffic lights and posts to be erected at the entrances, managing traffic with traffic-light control boards.
  • Supply and installation of variable signage panels reporting on the status of the lanes.
  • Commissioning of the general access-control system.

All the components and devices of the access-control system are intercommunicated via an Ethernet network using the TCP/IP standard protocol.