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July 17, 2015, Lisbon, Portugal |

Maintenance of the Internal Circuit Television System (ICTV) of Metro de Lisboa

 (CITV)  Metro de Lisboa

The company Metropolitano de Lisboa, EPE, has awarded SICE the contract for preventive and corrective maintenance of the Internal Circuit Television System (ICTV) of the Lisbon subway, which includes more than 1750 surveillance cameras distributed in its four lines, as well as monitors, racks, keyboards and system consoles: more than 3.000 units in total.

Lisbon has four independent lines, with over 43 kilometers long and 55 stations in total. It is a global network designed in a global and intermodal way in order to optimize all the resources of the city in terms of transport, since the Metropolitano de Lisboa is the real backbone of urban transport in the city.